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1 Day windsurf course

Windsurf classes and equpment rental

If you always wanted to learn how to windsurf, or maybe tried it before but want to perfect your technique, there is a surf school in a beautiful little place called Vrbovska, on the island of Hvar. A great combination of wind, waves and numerous sunny days make this the perfect place for a day trip. If you never had time to go to a long windsurf course we are offering you these classes, per hour, so why dont you give it a try and see if you like it! It’s never too late to try this sport and get connected with the wind and sea. Visit somewhere new, enjoy the sun, and more than anything have fun.

Prices of private classes without equipment are:
25 euro /1 hour for one person

40 euro /1h for 2 persons.
Equipment prices in euro :

  1 Hour   2 Hours   1/2 Day (up to 6h)   1 week   2 weeks
   School board + School Sails      10       18                27
 School board + Monofilm Sails      14       23                34
         Fun equipment      16       27                41      164       308