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7 Day Sea Kayak Tours

With its numerous islands, calm and crystal clear waters, Croatia makes the perfect kayaking destination. Long summers that usually kick off in May, and last till mid-October, provide plentiful sunny days with sea temperatures above 20C from June all the way through to October. If you decide to take a kayak trip around Hvar, you will experience the beauty of the Pakleni islands, an archipelago close to Hvar Town. They provide narrow and sheltered passages for kayaking, and their dense pine trees provide perfect shade to relax after your day of activities. Hvar’s coast is also an interesting place to kayak, with it’s many hidden bays, some of which can only be reached by sea. Sometimes you will have the privilege of having a bay all to yourself! Come and join us on this kayaking week, see the beauty of Croatia and experience something new!

Hvar (Jelsa) – Zecevo – Brac – Vira – St.Klement – Hvar – This kayaking tour starts from the small coastal town of Jelsa on the island of Hvar, from where we paddle towards Brac, where we visit it’s well known beach “Golden Horn”, famous for it’s shape, which is constantly changing due to weather conditions. The next day we kayak back to Hvar and spend the night in the beautiful Camp Vira. From Vira we continue to the archipelago of the Pakleni islands, a beautiful labyrinth of small islands covered with pine trees, perfect for kayaking because of the numerous narrow straits and hidden bays. This tour finishes in Hvar town, where you can spend the day in one of the most well known tourist destinations, and relax after your week of kayaking.

Hvar – Pakleni islands – Hvar – Jagodna – Zavala – Scedro – From Hvar town we kayak to the Pakleni islands, a labyrinth of small islands covered with pine trees, perfect for kayaking and swimming due to the numerous narrow straits, hidden bays and crystal clear waters. On this tour we will kayak down the coast of the island of Hvar, and reach Jagodna bay and Zavala, where we will spend the night in a camping site. We will also kayak to Scedro, a small island with deep safe bays in the channel between Hvar and Korcula. Around 30 people live on the island in the summer. Here you can see the old settlements of Mostir and Nastaneare, abandoned since the 18th century.